Welcome aboard, my name is Mariel and I am your crew today on this career transition flight, elevating experiences from skies to screens.

I'm currently on a mission to discover cozy cafés during my layovers around the globe. Here are a few of my all-time favorite cafés:

When I'm not busy juggling tea and coffee pots during turbulence while flying over the Atlantic, I can be found studying Digital Business Management (Bsc. / Major User Experience & Information Technology, Fachhochschule Graubünden) amidst the stunning Swiss mountains.

During my experience in aviation, I've gained a deep understanding of various customer scenarios. This knowledge allows me to effortlessly incorporate empathy and intuition into my design work, ensuring that user needs are anticipated and interfaces are made more intuitive.

My goal is to make digital interactions as natural and engaging as a flight attendant's conversation, aligning with your company's vision of turning user experiences from just usable to delightful.

I'm ready for landing, are you?

I reply as fast as I can, even in different time zones 😊:

Reach out to me at alabamariel@gmail.com